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Holidays ending..
Persona 4
Gosh.. Holidays is ending soon.. And i still have to do my project. Zzzzz.. So sick of school. Anyway, im playing kh2 now, gotta try to complete it.. I got alot of RPGS completed halfway, waiting to be played. Lol. Yesterday i saw some ffxiii and ffxiii versus HD trailers. It killed me. Lol.

The graphics is soo nice.. And storm is so cool and hot! Hopefully i can get to play it. Better save money for a ps3! and complete my ps2 games! >_<. Yesterday i made an avatar for my fren. Haha and she liked it. Im not good in photoshop, im still a beginner =x. Last time i tried doing some signatures of kh2. But i think it doesnt look that nice.

The base i got it from

Sanami276 at DA.

The avatar! haha. So lame.

arc and ges

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HELLO elena :D please post on LJ and stop using it to view stuff -.- Added you back(:

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