Lol. I seldom post here.
Persona 4
Haha. Seems like my LJ is jus for grabbing avatars =s. I usually dun post here. I post about games and stuffs at my gaming blog XD.

Hohoho... Lame. Too bored and sick of sch. Im currently playing Persona 4 XDDD. Woohoo. It rocks! Never more~ Btw, i think P4 has better graphics now and the features are much better. Except the fact that dungeoning is kinda tough. Cuz can't split members to search for stairs and no save pts at every few lvls. /faints.

Holidays ending..
Persona 4
Gosh.. Holidays is ending soon.. And i still have to do my project. Zzzzz.. So sick of school. Anyway, im playing kh2 now, gotta try to complete it.. I got alot of RPGS completed halfway, waiting to be played. Lol. Yesterday i saw some ffxiii and ffxiii versus HD trailers. It killed me. Lol.

The graphics is soo nice.. And storm is so cool and hot! Hopefully i can get to play it. Better save money for a ps3! and complete my ps2 games! >_<. Yesterday i made an avatar for my fren. Haha and she liked it. Im not good in photoshop, im still a beginner =x. Last time i tried doing some signatures of kh2. But i think it doesnt look that nice.

The base i got it from

Sanami276 at DA.

The avatar! haha. So lame.

arc and ges

Persona 3!
Persona 4
Lol. Im currently playing Persona 3!! It rocks! Well, i seldom post in livejournal. normally i use livejournal to see nice avatars,wallpapers O.O cuz the avatars that ppl create are sooo nice =DD


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